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Fontainebleau or the magic forest.

I think like every climber you already heard speaking of Fontainebleau. This is an amazing place. I think the best in the world for climbing. It’s also the paradise for slopers.
Even if you are not a “bouldering climber” you will come only one time and after this, you will change your mind.

First of all, this place is totally unique. Even if you go with your partner or your friends who are not too climbers, they will love this forest.
The floor is a pure white send that make all the climat. Like on a tropical beach you can lay on it and look your friends climb.

Area: Le cul du chien

Area: Le cul du chien

Even if you are a “rope climber” You can find your happiness. The area is so much complete then for sure you will find some routes for you.
As my friends told, less than 50% of fontainebleau is already discover.
For exemple: If you go to “bas cuvier”, one of the most popular place, my friends set some routes 2min in walk from here. So from parking you have maybe 5 min of walk and you are in totally new place. Incredible isn’t it? Yes of course and this is why Bleau it’s exceptionnal.

I was living 10 min from this forest for more than 5 years and believe me, i was nearly everyday, but each time i was going i was discovering new routes to climb and new projects.

Le Bilboquet: Beautiful but forbidden to climb

Le Bilboquet: Beautiful but forbidden to climb

You should because it will develop your skills and also because even if you climb since only 1 month, you can spend all your vacations and do lots of routes in your level.
Really, stop to believe you need to have level 7A to go to Fontainebleau. Seriously even if you never climb you can do lot’s of routes. The level is from Children 3 years old to the hardest route in the world. And what it the most magic, you can do your project in 7th or 8th degres and you friends who is climb 4th – 5th degres can climb 1-2m next to you.

Families in Fontainebleau

Families in Bleau

To finish i can suggest you my favourite area in Bleau: Cuisinière, Isatis, Le desert d’apremont, 95.2 (Very fast drying area), Apremont and l’éléphant (Very fast drying area). Only with this 6 area, you will spend an amazing vacation.

And for topo, I can recommend bleau.info

Maybe see you there 🙂

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