Here’s What No One Tells You About Kids Climbing Holds 12/08/2020 – Posted in: climbing holds

In the beginning, climbing walls were conjured up as training facilities for climbers looking to push the standards of what was possible out on the crags at the time. Clearly huge numbers of the things has changed from that point forward an indoor climbing is currently drilled by millions all around the globe – the apparatuses have proceeded onward as well, from chipped solid edges, stuck in a rock, wooden holds to incredibly etched present-day…

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This Bizarre Truth Behind Sloper Climbing Holds that is unbelievable 01/08/2020 – Posted in: Blog, climbing holds

A lot of climbing holds available and terms to remember. Now it’s time to know about sloper climbing holds as the names make lot of sense.  A sloper is a type of hold where an open hand is required to hold them. That is, one cannot dig one’s fingers into an opening, but in spite of that you can also cling to the slopers by pure friction. In this class, these both are acceptable that…

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How to choose climbing holds for your gym? 04/02/2018 – Posted in: Blog, Bouldering gym, Climbing gym

Start by choosing the colours It’s the first step and the most important. You can build your gym with random colour but this is old school style and it’s gonna cost you lots of money. But, by colour, it’s gonna be more beautiful on your wall and easier for you to choose climbing holds. First, it’s gonna help you to select holds. For example, you are not going to buy jugs to the hardest colour…

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BlokoBlisko Bouldering Center (BBC) 14/01/2018 – Posted in: Blog, Bouldering gym

What about our climbing wall holds | climbing wall grips? Hi climbers, Like you saw this weekend it was a bit cold outside. Maybe for some of you who are climbing in hot countries was perfect weather but for us, in Poland, it was -8°C. So if you are doing ice climbing it’s great but for rock climbing is a bit too cold, no? So we deceide to go to climb in Blokoblisko, a bouldering…

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Slopers just for the bouldering gym? Or also for climbing gym? 11/01/2018 – Posted in: Blog, Bouldering gym, Climbing gym

Slopers for bouldering gym and crimps for climbing gym? Often people in my gym tell me that slopers are for bouldering gym and that crimps are for climbing gym. Is true or not? I think it depends on the routesetters and climbing in rock near where your routesetters train.   I give you an example: Here in Poland we have the Jura, which looks very much like Frankenjura in Germany. So we can talk about…

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Why buying climbing holds regularly is good for your climbers? 07/01/2018 – Posted in: Blog, Bouldering gym, Climbing gym

Climbing holds? Climbing grips? Two words to represent the heart of a climbing gym. Whether it’s just for bouldering or just for rope, or both. Climbing holds need to be carefully selected to make your gym live but also to be careful that your customers do not fall into weariness. That’s why it’s always better to ask many of your routesetter to make their choice to enjoy a wider range of grips you probably have…

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