The Beastmaker 1000: Best training Equipment for Beginners and Advanced Climbers 15/08/2020 – Posted in: climbing holds

As all well know about hangboards and they are very popular for rock climbers to train for hand and finger strength. One of the most popular model that you typically see at a climbing gym is the Beastmaker 1000. The Beastmaker 1000 packs in a ton of grips into the most compact dimensions in our review. The Beastmaker 1000 is made from very fine wood which is kind to your skin and the holds have been radiused…

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Beastmaker Has The Answer To Everything 08/08/2020 – Posted in: climbing holds

Finger strength values more for the hard climbers in there climbing training. If you can’t hold tightly or you don’t have the capacity for holding, you can’t climb upwards! Beastmaker is the best way to develop finger strength. It is relatively safe, simple and quick to train on. Pretty much every climbing gym has a Beastmaker, and most of you reading this probably have a Beastmaker set up at home. You can get the best training equipments…

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