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Enter the fingerboard (or “hangboard”, if you prefer). Since its advent in the mid-1980s, the fingerboard has become the most used type of training equipment among avid climbers—and for good reason: brief, high-intensity straight-armed hangs are the single most effective isolation exercise a climber can do. What’s more, the fingerboard is economical, and it can be mounted in just about any apartment or home. If you are an avid climber and desirous of the higher grades, then a fingerboard is the second best investment you can make in your future climbing ability (#1 is to join a climbing gym). For an individual without access to a climbing gym, then, owning a fingerboard is essential!

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Passion and devotion to science and technology, as well as constant attention to its clients’ needs have been the keys to HRT’s success. At this moment brand offers more than 2 400 unique holds and about 150 volumes of various sizes. All holds and volumes are produced from either polyester resin, polyurethane resin.

From starting out in the garage of one of its founding members in a country many people can’t find on a map, to becoming a global leader in the climbing industry, HRT is a classic example of what a team can achieve through hard work and ambition.

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