Symbiosis 3 , , ,

Amount of holds: 1
Shape: Volumes
Size: Volumes
Material: Wood
Time of delivery: 3 to 5 weeks


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The Vertex Series represents a different image. The vertex climbing hold is a piece of art that worships nature and pure imagination.

It is the personal touch and the love for what we do. Every single hold is made with passion and heart just like when we do art. We work with great attention to the detail. Every set is made as if to take part in an exhibition.
Vertex products have a unique Design that will definitely make you love climbing even more!

  • Vertex Design is the love of climbing.
  • The passion for sculpturing.
  • And creativity.
Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions N/A
Colors volumes Vertex

Bright orange RAL 2008, Iron grey Ral 7011, Jet black 9005, Pure green RAL 6037, Pure orange RAL 2004, Pure red RAL 3028, Pure white RAL 9003, Signal blue RAL 5005, Signal brown RAL 8002, Silver grey RAL 7001, Sky blue 5015, Tele magenta RAL 4010, Traffic purple RAL 4006, Traffic violet RAL 4008, Turquoise blue RAL 5018


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