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Set of 6 campus slats made of deciduous beech wood with perfectly hand-made edges. Proper surface and width allow for a comfortable workout during overhang or movement. Set dedicated to finger strength training.

The set includes slats of the following sizes:

  1. 5x40x100 [mm] – 2 pcs
  2. 6x40x100 [mm] – 2 pcs
  3. 7x40x100 [mm] – 2 pcs
  4. 8x40x100 [mm] – 2 pcs
  5. 9x40x100 [mm] – 2 pcs
  6. 10x40x100 [mm] – 2 pcs


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Witchholds is producing training stuff which will be charged to our muscles and tendons and has not tested the capabilities of our skin. Accordingly polished wood provides a comfortable workout for the skin, the optimal shape of the holes and crimps provides ergonomic position of the fingers. Make your training save and fun!

Weight 0.5 kg

Small: 19x40x500 mm, Medium: 25x40x500 mm, Large: 32x40x500 mm


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