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  • 6 gripping positions ranging from easy to very
  • Rope suspended, allowing dynamic exercises
  • Increases core, finger forearm strength and stability
  • Sold by pair

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The Maxgrip, this is where it all started for Max Climbing. Our most popular product now comes in a brand new and improved design. With 6 different gripping positions, this hang hold is truly multifunctional and an excellent choice for both core tension and upper body strength exercises. Whether you want your holds up high up or down low to the floor, the rope length adjusters allow you to quickly change the rope length for various exercises. For instance:

  • Training with uneven loads by hanging one hold higher than the
  •  Push-up exercises with your hands on the Maxgrips offer a great
    challenge, activating your stabilizing muscles.
  • Suspension trainer setup in order to train your antagonists and
    work on your posture.


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