Illusion Sponges – Green ,

Brand: Volx
Amount of holds: 10
Shape: Screw On
Size: L
Material: PE
Time of delivery: 3 to 5 weeks

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At the origin of the name of our company, VOLX is a small town in the Lubéron (04) famous for its cliff which was in the 80s / 90s a gathering point of innovative and visionary climbers. These participated in the development of the cliff which was conducted as a laboratory of gesture, with the appearance of new movements. Thus, VOLX was the cradle of the very high level with one of the first 2 French 8c.

Founded in 1996, VOLX is quickly becoming one of the leading manufacturers of climbing holds.

Since then, we have offered you thousands of models, clearing new territories to better meet your climber expectations and allow you to enrich your body language.

Nature, pure movement and design remain our primary inspirations.

With now, more than 2100 models of takes declined in technical ranges or close to the rock, we took a particular care with the texture and the ergonomics of each grip to grant you long sessions of training and pleasure.


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