Gritstone XXL Sloper , , ,

Brand: FLAME
Amount of holds: 1
Shape: Sloper
Size: XXL
Material: PU
Time of delivery: 3 to 5 weeks


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– Attractive design

-Easily recognizable on the climbing wall

– Skin-friendly

– Durable texture

– Unique for challenging routes, and for upper grades

The Gritstone Slopers XXL has beautiful texture that is similar to the siliceous rock which you can found in the Peak District. This beautifully shaped xxl holds with positive areas which require exactness and quality. This is excellent for setting for comps or building aptitudes on steep landscapes. It also includes one big screw on slopers. It’s an ideal set for difficult routes and blocks. Each climber who has been in the coarseness will locate a comparable grasp on which he has just climbed. The handles themselves can be utilized diversely and you can manufacture totally different routes with them. The advantage of polyurethane holds that they are more soft and flexible. Due to these polyurethane materials should not be used wire brush during cleaning.

The grips with 10 L to XXL, which you can feel the real experience with the “Gritstone Edges”, climbing in peak!  You can choose 14 different colors of Gritstone Slopers. Designed basically with a certain style of climbing is to be kept in mind like balance and technique. Superb for affixing to features or other volumes, and also having good use of friction.

Weight 2 kg


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