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Campus Rung 30mm , , ,


  • Wood: high-quality
  • Unsurpassed for feel and consistency because of wooden texture
  • Pre- drilled
  • 30mm wide – wider than standard rungs
  • Can fix with bolt and screw.
  • Unique design that incorporates two four-finger pockets
  • Comfortable smooth shape
  • Minimize skin damage
  • Each rung has an cut side and a flat side

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Campus board is designed by Ben Moon for greatest adaptability to the spec of the first Wolfgang Gullich campus board and the first school room, the 30mm campus rung joins one of a kind two four-finger pocket design.

The campus board is basic equipment in training for climbing. Our rungs are totally produced using top quality wood to be as sturdy as could be expected under the circumstances and each profile has been uniquely designed to be entirely ergonomic. Rungs are all laser engraved to recognize the following crosspiece during works out. Campus Rungs perfect for climbing training and are magnificent for feel and consistency.

In spite of being intended for use in an arrangement, a                  can be utilized uniquely as an option in contrast to a deadhang training rung.

Exclusively tooled, wooden rungs that is unbeatable for feel and consistency. Independently hand sanded and pre-penetrated. Rungs have a cut side and a level side.

Best at power and unadulterated quality training, campusing can have all-around chest area strength and dynamic procedure gains, particularly improving contact (finger) quality.

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