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The climbing fingerboard also called Hangboard is a training device for building finger strength, popular among rock climbers where finger strength is important. It is beautifully designed climbing training board that you can fit for your living room or climbing gym to improve the strength of your grip, hands and forearms. It’s an amazing training device which helps in climbing, bouldering, fitness or wants to do some pull-ups once in a while. Skin-friendly wood training boards that looks great.

This wooden hangboard is durable for the fingers than plastic holds and looks amaze in any room. It provides a lush assortment of provocation, including jugs, edges, pockets and a big sloper. You can use sandpaper to customize the texture to your liking.

Warm up hangboard let you warm up before climbing and to train your fingers. It’s compact and portable! You can generally take it with you and train any place and at whatever point you need. Hangboard was intended for the individuals who need minimal and versatile preparing gadgets that give adequate usefulness to a warm-up in wherever or in any conditions.

We developed and tested various prototypes, advised sport climbing trainers.  The main thing is that all the holds are positioned so you will always hang with your hands at shoulder width, like this you avoid weird positioning of your elbows and wrist which can lead to injuries.