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Slopers Climbing Holds

Slopers are handholds that are generally rounded and without a positive edge or lip for your fingers to grasp.  These holds are rounded without any cut or edge to grasp. Slopers remind us of ski slopes; difficult to master in intial but once you have the technique down, it’s all downhill from there. Pinches are perfectly fit lobster claws. You gotta mirror the grasp quality of a lobster to truly get a decent grip here. Creases sitting on pleated hair. They’re exceptionally inconspicuous holds that require a twisting of the fingers. Pockets situated close to Hot Pockets. You can entirely fit a finger or two inside, however no more. Dependable balance must be problematically offset upon with the beauty of a ballet dancer.

For applications where the mounting grip will be taken here and there the wall regularly, concerning indoor climbing exercise centers, the littler, balance screw gap can likewise be fitted with hardened steel tightened washers. This will expand the life of the opening and forestall ‘berating’ of the grip. Item that is amazingly solid and appropriate to mounting hold creation. These sorts of holds must be mounted on level surfaces only. Harsh, bended or adaptable surfaces are not reasonable, as the grip won’t flex. These are walls like block, harsh cement, and fiberglass or finished mounting dividers.


  • Suitable for all climbing levels – with a great texture
  • All age group – Great for kids and adults
  • Weather Proof – can be e used indoors or outdoors
  • COMES IN MULTIPLE COLORS- one color can be chosen to help diversify your climbing wall
  • DURABLE high quality polyurethane plastic to provide an excellent textured grip with a grip that will last