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Jugs: Climbing hand holds.
Climbing hand holds are name jugs, they offer easy grip and are comfortable. Design for begenner they are also good for children if you decide to build a wall for your child.

Jugs are generally the most popular climbing grip in climbing gym or climbing clubs. Indeed, beginners need more holds than amateur climbers or more advanced.

They can also benefited to amateur climbers but in the version mini jugs or micro jugs. In this case they become quite difficult for beginner climbers.

Generally made of large grips, the jugs do less harm to the hands than the other shapes.
They can be used in all climbing profiles: positive, negative, vertical, roof … etc etc but be aware that a jug in a roof will always be more difficult than a jug in a vertical

The jugs are as good for an amateur climbing wall as for a professional climbing gym