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Crimps Climbing Holds

Crimps are generally small, thin climbing holds. These holds are seldom found on beginner routes due to a greater need for strength and solid technique. These holds were inspired by a combination of the rock formations that you find in Hueco and some of the Southeastern sandstone formations. European makers of polyurethane, have prevailing in the formation of an equation explicit to the necessities of climbing holds.


A crimp is perfect for your steepest project. Deep enough to make you think you’re going to stay- Shallow enough warrant some serious effort. This set of rock wall holds offers a ¾ of a finger cushion to a full finger cushion of crimper edge. On lower angled walls, you’ll see that you can squeeze and truly dive your fingers in on different pieces of the hold. At the point when the edge of the walls gets more extreme, the thumb that felt so great when the hold was on a vertical walls turns into a thumb get on different pieces of the detailed sandstone structure. Crimpers, particularly on steep walls can cause ligament injury.

The most advanced crimps climbing holds, offering huge variety of grip option and challenging features are that these are perfect for all routes, but great for more challenging routes,  Compliment different sets in the range, Varied positivity per finger depending on what hand is utilized, Extra screw holes for more positioning choices.

While nearly every hold has used an open grip, crimps use a closed grip. Closed grips can put more of strain on the joints. A crimp is a very small edge that’s only big enough for the pads of your fingers.