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Wooden Climbing Holds

Wood was an early hold-making material, mainly because it was inexpensive and easy to carve into various shapes. Now it is still used in various forms for homemade and commercially produced handholds. Wood climbing holds are usually smooth and pleasant to grab, though they are difficult to wash, and splintering may become a problem with age. Wolfgang Güllich made the first campus board with wood to help him train for his 9a route Action Directe. Generally, these are used for steep training boards, though some climbing walls do use wooden holds alongside their resin holds

High-quality wooden climbing holds are ideal for training boards – the smoother texture is not only far more skin-friendly than plastic holds but also requires greater tension and more ‘squeeze’ to climb on which is great for training. Another reason why we used wooden holds was that it is possible to climb barefoot. We use a selection of hardwoods including tulip, oak, ash, and beech.

Wood climbing holds are generally easier and look nicer aesthetically if you need to mount it in a commonly used area of your house. These are of compact dimensions, meaning that finding a place to mount it is much easier.

Watch for sharp edges, splinters, and splits that could prompt hold breakage. Always use a washer with all bolts. This can be of almost any size, shape, and dimension, so long as it’s not rotten. The skin-friendly nature of the wood combined with their meticulously tried and tested shapes make the wood holds is an effective training tool for the advanced climber. These wooden grips are especially suited for the home gym or the boulder wall at home!