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Cheap climbing holds

If you are looking about cheap climbing holds PE category (Polyester climbing holds) is for you.

Climbing holds are pretty much expensive, in general, expecially when you are starting to order holds in PU.
But Polyester climbing holds are much cheaper than PU climbing holds. Sometimes it can be 50% cheaper.

Polyester climbing holds are more heavy and more fragile than PU climbing holds, that why lot’s of private climbign gym or club prefere to get PU climbing holds.
PE is very popular in Europe and most of the gym get 75% of their climbing gym with this material.

Because it’s more fragile compare to PU, macro holds  are made in PU to prevent being broken easily.

Polyester climbing holds are cheap climbing holds, but they are not glass. So if you buy this kind of climbing holds you can keep them for the next 15 years minimum in your home and for 5-6 years in your climbing gym.