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High Quality Climbing Holds

Don’t be misled into thinking that a climbing hold is just a climbing hold and they’re all just the same. There are huge differences in quality when it comes to climbing grips. No matter how tempting the price may be, it is well worth going for a high-quality product over something cheap and cheerful.

First off, the shape of the climbing hold is important that to keep in mind, as it will show you what kind of hand grip it will train, such as crimps, jugs or slopers. Next for the quality, you should pay attention to the size of the hold. Finally, you should pay attention to the material of grips are made of, as this will affect how they wear and hold up to certain weather conditions. The material that the grips is made of will also influence the texture/ grip and changing the mounting experience. Depending on the shape, different textured holds like a sand stone finish may be easier to grip, while smoother surfaces can be gentler on the fingers and easier to clean too. Wooden slopers, for example, tend to be considered a very advanced hold that would likely not be appropriate for beginners or children.

Select mounting holds you get are the right size for your purposes.  Screw-on mounting grips are attached with — you guessed it — screws, that you, can put them anywhere.

High-performance pure polyurethane used primarily in indoor mounting grips. Features such as superior wear resistance, bright colors, a soft, dry texture and superior strength make it the material of choice for today’s mounting holds. This material makes climbing holds both durable and simple to produce in a wide range of shapes.