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Best Quality Kids Climbing Holds

Kid’s climbing walls, commercial climbing gyms, fun, and amusement parks are many but a product that meets the needs of kid’s fun is the kids climbing holds. Climbing holds have been basically designed for kids. They help your little ones to increased finger strength. This in turn gives them more confidence, and to have heaps of fun!

We stock a wide range of Kids climbing holds that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The holds are textured for easy gripping and skin-friendly. Climbing holds in wide range of colors is not only for aesthetics. They allow you to determine recognizable routes at a glance. Placing different colors in a small space allows you to create two or three different routes and also brighten up the dark basement.

Climbing holds for children must have rounded edges, slopers, edges, and good grip. You can also choose different shape styles and sizes that allow kids in enjoying different techniques and movements. All these new shapes are available in 15 different colors. We offer various types of kids climbing holds; we can find the shape of the jug, which can come in sizes from S to XXL. You can place alphabet climbing holds, fruits shape climbing holds anywhere on the wall, and are ideal for kids’ climbing walls.