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Jugs Climbing Holds

Jug is a hold should be fairly easy to use, meaning it is either a very positive hold or it is a flat hold on a less than vertical wall (slab). Jugs are frequently found on fledgling courses, warm-up issues, and steep walls.

These are big; open holds that you can get your whole hand around. These are easy to grip and they provide an excellent rest. Jugs are smooth with a deep incut that provides your hands more of a handle to hold as you pull yourself up the wall face.

Prepare your climbing wall at home or at the exercise center with climbing holds. These are installing with the screws provided. You will appreciate the variety of grips and the large hook hold. Screws and inserts allow attaching the climbing holds on wooden panels.

It is tempting to grab at these holds because of most secure, but doing so will likely leave your hands red, blistery, and ultimately unable to climb. Because it is easy to maximize contact with jugs so moving off of them creates a great deal of friction that can really injured your hands. In order to overcome with this problem, avoid readjusting your grip once you have made contact with the hold.

Comfortable jugs that are exceed expectations in vertical to soak territory. The more extreme the wall gets, the thumb-gets energize a slight squeezing activity on the grasp. As always, they are comfortable and functional, which is what a climbing wall needs out of a jug?