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Beastmaker Fingerboard Series

Beastmaker is born in the UK and gets specializes in wooden training equipment for climbers.

Their most well know products are the Beastmaker series 1000 and series 2000.

Their reputation is not to do, they became the leader worldwide of the climbing hangboard and the training at home for climbers.

An application is developed with the Beastmaker series 1000 and series 2000. It will help you with regular home training and adaptation to your needs and your level.

To provide the best high-quality feeling, Beastmaker is using North American tulipwood (Liriodendron tulipifera), who is not to mistaken with the Brazilian Tulipwood which isn’t very resistant in the long term.

North American tulipwood provides a great feeling and touch, which is not aggressive for the fingers and gives you the opportunity to develop your skills and train hard with avoiding strongly injured.

The differences between the series 1000 and the series 2000 are the range of your level. We advise from Newby till the level 7b/c to work and train with the Beastmaker series 1000. From the level 7b/c  we advise you to train with the Beastmaker series 2000.

To help you, you can download the app or visit lots of internet video done by amator and also well know professional climbers.