Fast delivery - Covid19 Shipping within 4 - 25 days in the whole Europe for all our Climbing Holds and 15 - 25 days for a Worldwide delivery

What does it mean?


Because of this terrible Pandemic who is Covid 19, lot’s of you can not climb and must stay at home for your health security but also for the health security of others (Parents, Grandparents, children, etc….).

Because for most of you the confinement will be 45 days minimum, we decide to help you with your training by giving you access to our Super Express production who, normally, is reserved for professional companies.

Normally the production time of climbing holds is about 60 – 90 days, but with our Super Express production, we can ship with a preparation time 7 – 30 working days + shipping time delivery, this will give about 10-35 days, up to one month before receiving your order in the whole Europe (except if the governments decide to suspend the goods’ transport) and about 15 – 45 days, up to one month, for Worldwide delivery.

For shipping within a day, we invite you to visit our page SAME DAY SHIPPING.
If you order only climbing holds from this page, the climbing holds will be shipped the same day to you.

Crimps (7 pcs set)
All Red Rock Line

A Free service


As we mentioned upper this service in normal time is reserve for professional companies connected with climbing (as climbing shop, climbing gym, climbing club… etc, etc).

During this pandemic, our company wants to help you with this free service and will work hard for you to get your climbing holds as fast as possible, at your place, everywhere in the world.

This offer is available only on climbing holds products.

For the wooden volumes and fiberglass, the production lines for theses products still have about 60 productions’ days.

How can I get this free service?


The good news is you have nothing to do, all your orders will be automatically applied for this service.

We will inform you about each step of the process of your order and give you an estimated date of your shipping.

This Estimate date may change if the production place has to work in a reduced capacity due to the Covid19, but we will inform you about every change who will happen.

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