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Why buying climbing holds regularly is good for your climbers?

Climbing holds? Climbing grips?

Two words to represent the heart of a climbing gym. Whether it’s just for bouldering or just for rope, or both. Climbing holds need to be carefully selected to make your gym live but also to be careful that your customers do not fall into weariness. That’s why it’s always better to ask many of your routesetter to make their choice to enjoy a wider range of grips you probably have not thought.

My new climbing holds

My new climbing holds

I speak to you and give you this advice as a boss ofa climbing gym (Blokoblisko Bouldering Center): Buy climbing holds regularly. Doing one big order is less effective than doing 6-7 small orders during the high season: from September to March / April. Even if you spend the same amount of money, the effect will be more visible by adopting this method

Climbers can get tired of climbing if they feel like they are still training on the same holds if you buy them once a year, but if you buy new ones every month they will always feel like you invest and will have more desire to climb to try them.

Climbers testing new climbing holds

Climbers testing new climbing holds

Buying holds for your routesetters? For what?

But buying new holds has not effect only on your customers, it also has an effect on your routesetters. The routesetters are like big kids with the purchase of new climbing holds. When your new order comes, they are always there to open the package.

Routesetters testing new climbing holds

Routesetters testing new climbing holds

They are also artists and so when you buy the new grip, their imagination overflows and you create a quality of roads/problem who are incredible. Their enthusiasm in the routesetting is also increased tenfold and because of this fact, your customers will come more in your gym than in another because it should not be forgotten, climbing holds are the heart of your room but the The opening is the blood flowing in.


This also allows them to open with the newest climbing holds on the market and therefore to have a gym always the most modern it is.

So in conclusion, buy smaller quantities but more regularly and you will see a first result after few months whether it is on your climbers or on your routesetters.

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Happy climber :)

Happy climber 🙂

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