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Are you looking for boulder climbing exercises to boost your progression?

So stay with me. We will show you some boulder exercises

In this article, I offer you 3 exercises to do in bouldering … and that will allow you to increase your strength, your strength and your endurance.

This 3 climbing exercises were created by Eric Chanourdie (pro climber coach) for amateur climbers like you and me.

What are these bouldering exercises?

They each have their little name:

Joker (endurance)
Released from the foot (fStrenght)
Boulder Sequence (Resi)
Ready ?

Let’s go ?

Bouldering exercises

Bouldering exercises

Bouldering Exercise for Climbing Endurance: The Joker

Do a gradual warm up from 45 minutes to an hour, at the end of which you have to try some hard boulders.
At the end of warm-up, invents 5 boulders of medium difficulty and / or chosen among those of the room.
The boulders must be achievable by forcing a little bit.

Also choose an easy but physical boulder. This will be your wildcard.
The boulders must be between 5 and 10 movements.

For 30 minutes, you have to make a maximum of 5 boulders.
If you fall during an attempt in a boulder, you must make the easy boulder (the Joker) then you go to the next boulders.

You must try the boulders one after the other so you do not return 2 times in a row.

Take the rest time you want.
You manage your session to make as many boulders as possible

Harden the level of the boulders.
You can choose harder boulders, boulders that you have chained in 2 or 3 trials.
You will always work stamina but with a pinch of strength that will not be detrimental to your planning.


Boulder Exercise for Strength in Climbing: The Release of Foot

After a general warm-up, warm up specifically in progressive level boulders for 20-30 minutes.
You can take the opportunity to identify the boulders that will serve your session.

Choose 6 different boulders (styles and inclinations), that you make every time forcing a little.
Rest 10 minutes.

Realize the first boulder.
Rest 3 minutes.

Repeat this same boulder by taking off and gluing the feet every two movements of hands.

Rest 3 minutes.
Repeat this boulder as soon as possible.
Rest 10 minutes.

Reproduce the same exercise with the same rest periods in the remaining 5 boulders.

If you fall into a boulder, rest as if you had chained it.

After Exercise 1 and after 20 minutes of rest, you can climb another 30 minutes in boulders of intensity and style of your choice

Bouldering exercises

Bouldering exercises


Boulder Exercise for Climbing Resistance: Boulder Sequence

Do a gradual warm up of 1 hour at the end of which you have to try some hard boulders.
During the warm-up, invents 10 varied boulders of medium difficulty and / or chosen among those of the room.
The boulders must be achievable every time by forcing a little.
The boulders must be between 5 and 10 movements.
Rest: 15-20 minutes.

In the first 5 boulders:
You make the boulder once blocking 3 seconds on each movement (the hand must be in front of the take before taking it).
Without recovery, you redo the boulder with the optimum rhythm.
Rest 2 minutes then move on to the next boulder.

Make the remaining boulders in the same way with the same rest times.

When you have done the 5 boulders, rest 2 minutes then chains 5 boulders in a row without recovery.
Rest of 15 minutes.
Then you do the same exo in the other 5 boulders.

1 – Attention because it is not easy to properly level boulders.
The ideal is to succeed the first series with a possible fall and fall from 1 to 3 times in the second series.
Finally, for those who make 3 series, 1 to 3 falls maximum seems to be a good range.

2 – If you fall into a route, do not take it out and take your rest time directly or go to the next one.

3 – If the boulders are too difficult or too easy, do not hesitate to adjust by replacing with other boulders. You can also delete, add or replace
a catch in the boulder.

It is possible not to take rest between the last boulder at optimum pace and the sequence of 5 boulders in a row

Among the 5 boulders chosen, you can include from 1 to 3 boulders that you are really not sure to do every time.

Add a third series.

If like our exercises let us know  in a comment

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