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Finger strength values more for the hard climbers in there climbing training. If you can’t hold tightly or you don’t have the capacity for holding, you can’t climb upwards! Beastmaker is the best way to develop finger strength. It is relatively safe, simple and quick to train on. Pretty much every climbing gym has a Beastmaker, and most of you reading this probably have a Beastmaker set up at home. You can get the best training equipments like the Beastmaker 1000 and 2000 and many more at .

The Beastmaker 1000 is a kind of hang board and is impressively versatile. Because of its compact dimensions, and a very good progression of holds with a near-perfect selection of edges and pockets with each building nicely upon the last. Also available in small size means it can be mounted anywhere and its texture is one of our favorites. It’s best for climbers in the 5.10 to mid 5.13 ranges. It’s not that it won’t work for climbers outside that range, but that is who its best geared for. The Beastmaker 1000 is one of the best wood board and one of our favorite products in general. It has a wide range of edge and pocket sizes. Also with its’ two slopers are excellent.

Beastmaker 1000

The holds include:

  • 2 Jugs
  • 35 Degree Slopers
  • 20 Degree Slopers
  • 1 Very Deep 4 Finger Pocket
  • 2 Deep 4 Finger Pockets
  • 2 Deep 3 Finger Pockets
  • 2 Deep 2 Finger Pockets
  • 2 Medium 4 Finger Pockets
  • 2 Small 4 Finger Pockets (10mm)
  • 2 Medium 2 Finger Pockets
  • 2 Medium 3 Finger Pockets

Available with 6 screws (2X70mm, 2X60mm, and 2X50mmm) 

Dimensions – 58cm (X) 15cm (Y) 5.8cm (Z) -> height, width, depth

Edges and Pockets of Beastmaker 1000


This model has 3 arrangements of four-finger edges and one independent edge in the focal point of the board. This is practically the ideal mix as we would like to think. The 1 3/4″ edge is incredible for warming up or for people more up to date to fingerboard training to begin increasing some quality. The full pad is endeavoring and where boundless the beginners will log a lot of time. The half-inch (half cushion) is an incredible “endure edge,” which means most climbers may have the option to stick to it right off the bat in their exercises yet will battle later on or when weight is included. The independent, 2-inch four-finger edge at the focal point of the Beastmaker is ideal for lock-off training or one-armed pull-ups.


This model has 3 arrangements of three-finger pockets and 2 arrangements of 2-finger pockets. The 3-finger pocket is unfathomable for the trainers changing to utilizing pockets using not in reality the entirety of the four of their fingers. Not exclusively is their position so near one another creation it marginally harder on your shoulders, however, it is likewise straight-up awkward. Generally speaking, this short defeat in this one hand position is the model’s just compromise for its little size.

The Beastmaker 2000 also has been designed with the input of some of the best climbers the UK has to offer.  The Beastmaker 2000 also contains numerous holds which will let you explicitly focus on your shortcomings and get more grounded, serenely, in the entirety of the grasp types. Each and Every hold on the board has been well designed by us, thought out and radiuses in order to keep the chances of tweaking to a minimum, and the wooden texture won’t ruin your skin whilst being grippe enough not to be frustrating.

The Beastmaker 2000 comprises of:

  • 45 Degree Slopers
  • 35 Degree Slopers
  • 20 Degree Slopers
  • Medium 3 Finger Socket
  • Smaller 3 Finger Socket
  • Mouth Jug
  • Big, Little & In cut Rungs
  • Back 2 Pockets
  • Big, Little & Sloping 2 Finger Pockets
  • Sloping and 1 Pad Monos

The Beastmaker 2000 has 6 screws for installation.

Dimensions: 58cm by 16cm by 6cm

A very brief introduction to training:

Most of the people have the desire to go for climbing. At first “training” involved doing a couple of pull-ups or traversing around on the bottom of the crag before heading off to the pub, but it soon morphed into something. We at have the best training equipments for both indoor and outdoor climbing. Indoor climbing offices have gotten mind-blowing, offering climbers (and non-climbers) a charming exhibit of training prospects. The facilities available to everyone are generally very good and the abundance of new climbers getting into the sport is really helping them to push the standards forwards. These days this is a fairly standard grade for serious climbers to achieve.