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What about our climbing wall holds | climbing wall grips?

Hi climbers,
Like you saw this weekend it was a bit cold outside. Maybe for some of you who are climbing in hot countries was perfect weather but for us, in Poland, it was -8°C.
So if you are doing ice climbing it’s great but for rock climbing is a bit too cold, no? So we deceide to go to climb in Blokoblisko, a bouldering gym in our city: Kalisz, and to test their new climbing wall holds ( climbing wall grips ).

We was already speaking about this gym in an another article few weeks ago: Why buying climbing holds regularly is good for your climbers?  But this time we will speak about their climbing wall holds.

Fresh climbing wall holds just unpacked

Fresh holds just unpacked

What is BlokoBlisko Bouldering Center and which climbing wall grips are they using?

1st time we came, we notice this is a modern gym, like you can find in France, UK, Germany… etc etc With a big range of climbing wall holds. You could find every shapes you needed for training: Crimps, slopers, pockets, edges, pinches or jugs.

We notice directly you can climb by color, with each of color who have a different grade. 8 kinds of clors was present from 2A till 7B-7C.

Marcin is testing new climbing wall grips fluo pink

Marcin is testing new fluo pink

For us it was great to climb like this because we could find lots of different holds in every colour. Something like jugs in first 2 colors: Green and blue, edges/crimps and big slopers starting in violet color and for the 5 other colors it was festival of shapes.
This gym is really agreable to climb, and good organise, expecially it’s warm in winter and they haev climatisation in summer (which is the futur of climbing gym.)

Michal fighting in Fluo Pink level

Michal fighting in Fluo Pink level

We went to the last level, but after testing all those routes, we was so exhausted than we couldn’t handle anymore. It was great afternoon.
We finally strech ourself and went to take a beer from their neighbor ( bowling/pub) and to finish we relaxed in saunas and hamams of the sport complexe (Aquapark Kalisz).

Of course with winter who is now in Poland we will be few times a week and enjoy they nice climbing wall grips and we hope new climbing holds will arrive soon.


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