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About us, is a climbing grips shop who is developed by a multinational team of climbers who has one main goal: to make your performance amazing. We invite you to see our offer and to find climbing grips. We have for climbers on every level and for every formation and discipline. You are going to open a gym, a school, fun climbing area, or just a small home wall for training? In our store, you can find everything that you need.

After a few years of developing other trades of climbing business, we decided to connect all best brands. They are producing the best holds and provide to our customers the most extensive gamma for climbing walls.

We use our experiences and experiences of best climbers in the world, who currently compete in World Cup range competition to choose products with the reliable quality.

At this moment we offer more than 20 000 unique grips with more than 20 brands. We are trying as much as possible to extend our offer to give you possibilities to get the largest panel of holds on our website.
All holds and volumes, we have in store, are from polyester resin and polyurethane resin. Our vision is to give you safe and fun.

Finally, we use to support and advise our clients competently and reliably in choosing the best options for your gym. We love to share with clients our passion. If you have any questions please contact us.